From February 2014 all our hosting packages will be using our new SSD enviroment. With SSD your website(s) will be up to 5 times faster than before. We have also made several changes to our products:

  • We make backups twice a day of all data We will keep this data stored up to 3 months. Did something go wrong or did you lose a file? No problem. Contact our servicedesk and we will get a backup restored asap.
  • For most actions you do not have to login separately to DiretAdmin. Almost everything can be done through our servicepanel. Creating email addresses, databases and much more can be done directly.
  • With the newest versions of PHP and MySQL your hosting account is ready for almost all software packages.
  • A new spamfilter powered by SpamExperts. Your mailbox was never more spam- and virus-free!
  • Not enough space? No problem! With a few clicks you can upgrade your package and start using it within 15 minutes.
  • Our guarantee: did we have more than 4 hours downtime in 1 month? You will receive 1 month restitution on your next invoice. With this guarantee we offer you an uptime higher than 99.5%.

Existing customers will get a new hosting package. This will also include the Business Hosting and ServerBoost/Instant Dedicated packages you had before. All customers will be informed by email. If you have an issue with the upgrade or have any additional wishes pleae contact us. You will be informed when the changes will apply to you. New prices will only apply to new periods when your account is renewed.

With these new packages we offer existing and new customers fast and reliable hosting at low prices. With the applied changes and new packages we want to bring  “your website needs to be fast and always available” to you. Because that’s what matters.

All existing customers will receive a 50% discount coupon code. This code can be used by you or you can give them to someone else. With the discount coupon new domains and/or hosting packages can be bought on our website.

You can find our new packages here.